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Moore Balance Brace

mbbIt is estimated that about 14 million people aged 65 and up experience a fall each year. As a result of this large number, healthcare professionals across the country have been looking for ways to help prevent the elderly from falling. Approximately one in three patients aged 65 or older will fall without having proper treatment or risk assessment. The Moore Balance Brace has proven to be a helpful tool for those susceptible to falling down.

It is important that the elderly have a risk assessment for falls, so they know the likelihood that they may endure one. Risk assessment will help decrease the number of falls that happen while simultaneously decreasing the severity of the ones that do occur. Furthermore, it can help improve life expectancy as well as one’s quality of life.

The Moore Balance Brace is the original balance brace and was designed to increase postural stability. Its designers created it with hopes of preventing falls in people at high risk of losing their balance. Some of its features include Velcro straps, a durable polyester cloth covering, and a Plastazote interface which provides comfortable shock absorption to the heel. People who have difficulty walking or maintaining balance, a history of falls, or an arthritic ankle may find it beneficial to use this product.

The Moore balance brace is custom fitted so that it will properly adjust to each patient’s foot, ankle, and lower leg. This key feature is one of the main reasons why the product is so effective in fall reduction. It stabilizes the ankle and foot joints in order to make walking safer for those who struggle with balance issues.