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toenail fungusOur office is proud to offer the Clearanail fungal nail treatment to our patients. Developed in the UK, this treatment offers fast, pain-free results for fungal toenail infection. Toenail fungus is famously difficult to treat because it is very difficult to target the fungus where it lives: under the nail.

The treatment consists of using a tiny, sterile drill bit to produce “micro-holes” in the nail. This process is completely painless as the device is computer controlled so as not to damage the nail bed. It has been engineered with precision to allow for a safe, painless experience. The holes are .4 mm in diameter or big enough to fit 4 human hairs. Once the toenail is prepared, a topical anti-fungal medication is applied.  Because the medication can now permeate the nail and the underlying bed, the infection is vulnerable to treatment.

All fungi were not created equal. We also conduct DNA testing on the fungus to understand exactly what kind of infection you have. We then analyze the results to determine which medicine will be most effective on a case-by-case basis.